Top 10 Largest Crows

Common Raven: is found across the northern hemisphere and may also be the heaviest of all crows, weighing up to about 4.4 lbs. The IUCN lists them as least concern.

Collared Crow: is native to China and northern Vietnam. The white collar of feathers around the neck is more prominent than the patch on the white-necked raven, and there are additional.

Brown-necked Raven: this species sports the regular shiny black plumage with a brown neck and head. The feathers tend to turn browner as the bird prepares to molt.

Thick-billed Raven: lives in the highlands of Eritrea, Somalia, and Ethiopia between roughly 5,000 ft and 11,150 ft. in elevation and can grow to more than two feet long. 

Torresian Crow:average size (48-53 cm) has a larger minimum than the long-billed (45-53 cm). It is also commonly referred to as the Australian crow or Papuan crow and is native to areas of north.

 Long-billed Crow:This crow is endemic to the Maluku Islands, which belong to Indonesia. The long-billed crow has a large bill and striking white irises, along with the standard glossy black.

White-necked Raven:is a large bird native to eastern and southern Africa. It is more identifiable than other crow species because of its large, curved beak that ends in a white tip.

Indian Jungle Crow: is found across the Indian subcontinent beneath the Himalayan mountains and has a wide range of preferred foods. The range of the large-billed crow is even more extensive.

 Brown-headed Crow: is endemic to Indonesia. It has a shiny black plumage (with a purple sheen) across most of its body, but the head and neck are usually dark brown. The beak is also notably large. 

Forest Raven :to the island of Tasmania and a few locations in southern Victoria, Australia. It is the largest Corvus member living in Australia and has a wingspan generally between 36-44 inches.

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