Top 10 Largest Dolphins 

Rough-toothed Dolphin :These dolphins have a life span of about 35 years. Rough-toothed dolphins come in at number ten on our list, at a length of 9 feet, weighing about 350 pounds.

Common Bottlenose Dolphin:is the familiar ocean mammal that most people think of when they hear the word. With their sleek and gray smooth skin and permanent grin, they are hard to forget. 

Long-finned Pilot Whale:is a large oceanic dolphin known for its unusually long pectoral fins and social nature. Long-finned pilot whales form groups or pods from a couple to over 1000, 20-150 being.

False Killer Whale : is a small one. However, they stick around for a while, with a lifespan of up to sixty years! False killer whales can be spotted in tropical, subtropical, and temperate waters.

Short-finned Pilot Whale :is a resident dolphin of the tropical and temperate waters of Hawaii and Southwest coast Tenerife and the warm waters of the Atlantic ocean. 

Risso’s Dolphin:are born black but often lighten with age. They are unique-looking dolphins that are sometimes considered part of the “blackfish” subfamily, including false killer whales .

Southern Right Whale Dolphin:Both of these dolphins enjoy deep, cold to temperate oceanic waters, but they live in opposite hemispheres of the earth. As their names suggest, the northern right whale 

Orca Killer Whale: is the world’s largest dolphin. As mentioned above, dolphins are whales, and the largest living dolphin is the orca. The orca’s dorsal fin alone can reach up to 6 feet tall!

White-Beaked Dolphin: swims into the number seven on our list of the world’s largest dolphins with a max length of 10.2 and a maximum weight of about 770 pounds!

 Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphin:can be found in the Indian and Pacific oceans from Northern Australia to Eastern China and the temperate waters of India, Philippines, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania

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