Top 10 largest flying insects

White Witch Moth:When it comes to wingspan, you won’t find many insects out there larger than the white witch moth (Thysania agrippina). While other species of flying insects may have the white .

Queen Alexandra’s Birdwings:With around 17,500 species of butterflies in the world, it’s no surprise that at least one has made its way onto the list of the largest flying insects.

Mydas Fly:At a glance, the Mydas fly can be intimidating. Not only are they one of the largest flying insects in the world. but they also resemble an oversized wasp. 

Titan Beetles:While the white witch moth may be the largest flying insect in the world based on wingspan, the titan beetle is one of the largest beetles in the world.

Hercules Beetle:is a type of rhinoceros beetle, a subfamily of beetles known for their large sizes and unique horns. You can find them in Central and South America, typically in the rainforests.

Goliath Beetles:The largest Goliath beetles are males, and they can measure up to 4.3 inches long. Females are a bit smaller, with a maximum size of 3.1 inches.

Giant Water Bug:When you think of water bugs, you probably don’t think of an airborne insect. However, despite spending a majority of its time in the water, the giant water bug is also capable .

Atlas Moth:Animal Crossing fans may recognize this super-sized flying insect. Attacus atlas, or the Atlas moth, takes us even further east to the forests of Asia .

Tarantula Hawk:can be found in most places in the world, from the deserts of the United States to Europe and even as far south as Australia. 

Tropidacris Grasshoppers:Tropidacris is a genus of grasshopper with three species all found in Central and/or southern America. They’re some of the largest species of grasshoppers in the entire world.

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