Top 10 Largest Foxes In The World

Arctic Fox:live in the Arctic regions of North America, north Asia, and Europe.  They weigh up to 20 pounds and are easily recognized by their thick white fur which acts as the perfect camouflage.

Cape Fox:are true foxes and weigh between 5.5 and 10 pounds and stand 12 to 14 inches at the shoulder.  They are the only foxes that are found south of the equator in Africa.

South American Gray Fox:are endemic to southern South America where they live either side of the Andes mountains.  They live predominantly in Argentina and Chile in a range of habitats.

Red Fox:The largest fox in the world is the red fox.  Red foxes (vulpes vulpes) can weigh up to 31 pounds and stand up to 20 inches high at the shoulder. 

Pampas Fox:often reside in pampas grass, along with scrubland and wetland habitats.  Pampas foxes weigh between 5 and 17 pounds. They are grey with a black stripe down their back and white.

Bat-Eared Fox:weigh in between 6 and 12 pounds and are tan colored with dark legs.  They are named for their extremely large ears which they use to regulate their body temperature .

Tibetan Fox:are endemic to the Tibetan plateau in China and the Ladakh plateau in India.  They prefer grasslands and hills at elevations between 11,500 and 17,100 feet.

Culpeo:are the second biggest fox and weigh up to 30 pounds.  They live in western South America across a wide range of habitats, including deserts, rainforests, savannahs, and grasslands. 

Crab-Eating Fox:are mainly greyish brown and weigh an average of 12 pounds.  They live in the central region of South America in savannahs, forests, and woodland river banks. 

Gray Fox: live in Central and North America in rocky and wooded regions.  They were originally the most common fox in the US, but, although they are still widespread, the red fox is now more common. 

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