Top 10 Largest Goats in the World

Ibex 180-220lbs:are a kind of wild goat (vs domesticated goat) that lives in Europe, Asia and Africa. They live in the high altitudes of the mountains and are surefooted goats.

Alpine Goats 180-220lbs:are originally from the Swiss alps but are now domesticated goats raised for their milk.In the US, goat milk is used for consumption purposes but more commonly in goat cheese.

Angora Goats 180-220lbs:are fiber goats (raised for their hair, mohair for the Angora) and can supply 12 inches of mohair a year. Mohair was originally from Turkey and used in textiles, outerwear .

Saanen Goats 160-290lbs:are known for their milk production, being able to produce 1-3 gallons/day during their peak periods. These white goats are the largest of the Switzerland goats .

 Mountain Goat 180-260lbs: are not domesticated goats, they are the wild goats that live in the mountains of the Northwest U.S. and large parts of British Columbia.

Kiko Goats 250-300lbs:are shorter than some of the goats on our list, with heights not more than 30”, but they pack a lot into that smaller size. They are a domestic goat from New Zealand .

Boer Goats 300+lbs:are the largest goat breed and are recognized by their white body and redhead. They have smaller horns that come out from the top of their head but curve towards the contour .

Markhor 170-270lbs: are considered the largest of the wild goat species weighing between 170-270lbs. These are thicker, rigid horns that can grow to be 5 feet long. 

Kalahari Goats 230-250lbs:These goats are sometimes called Kalahari red goats due to their red coloration. They have horns that come out from the top of their head but curve down close the head.

Savanna Goats 200-250lbs:are an all-white goat that has shorter horns and are domesticated goats originally from South Africa. They are now domestic goats that are bred for their meat.

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