Top 10 Largest Plants

Kwango Giant Cycad: of the slowest growing cycads we now move on to the fastest which is the Kwango giant cycad. Kwango giant cycads has stems which grow to around 60 feet long and 4 feet thick.

Giant Bamboo:are native to southeast Asia where they grow in forests and on river banks at elevations up to 6,600 feet. Giant bamboo grows in large clumps which are situated close together. 

Stinking Corpse Lily: They are native to Sumatra and Borneo where they typically occur in rainforests, and consist of a wide flower which is a deep reddish color. 

Coast Redwood:are the only living species in the Sequoia family group and are also one of the oldest trees – living approximately 1,200 to 2,200 years. 

Hope’s Cycad:The tallest known species of cycad is Hope’s cycad (Lepidozamia hopei) which can reach heights of more than 50 feet. 

Taliplot Palm:are native to India and Sri Lanka but are also grown in several other countries. They reach heights of up to 82 feet and have stems with a diameter of 4.3 feet.

Mountain Ash:They are native to Tasmania and Victoria, Australia where they grow in mountain regions that receive more than 39 inches of rainfall per year. 

Giant Highland Banana:Growing deep in the mysterious montane mountains of New Guinea is one of the most unusual plants – the giant highland banana. 

 Norfolk Tree Fern:The largest fern is the Norfolk tree fern which reaches 66 feet high and has fronds which are around 16 feet long. 

 Poseidon’s Ribbon Weed:an Australian seagrass which covers approximately 77 square miles in one single plant. Up until May 2022, Poseidon’s ribbon weed wasn’t in the running for the largest plant.

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