Top 10 Largest Pythons in the World

Sumatran Short-tailed Python: is small for a python but very large for a snake. They grow to lengths of around six feet, with heavy bodies designed for constriction.

African Rock Python :Most adults grow to about 12 feet long, though lengths of over 16 feet are not uncommon. Some African rock pythons have even been measured at nearly 20 feet.

Papuan Python:grows to a maximum length of about 13 feet, though there are unsubstantiated reports of females growing a little bigger. They’re thin-bodied.

 Amethystine Python:are one of the largest pythons in the world. Though most grow to only about 13 feet, the biggest amethystine pythons can exceed 20 feet long, and weigh more than 20 pounds.

Green Tree Python: are among the largest snakes in the world, even if they’re dwarfed by number one on our list. They grow to around 6.5 feet in length and have thinner bodies than most species.

 Indian Python:can reach lengths of 10 feet and in some extreme cases even larger. The world record for the longest Indian python was a 15-foot long specimen that weighed 110 pounds.

Carpet Python:is one of the largest pythons in the world, reaching lengths of over 13 feet. They can weigh more than 30 pounds, which makes them one of the heavier snakes in the world. 

Black-headed Python : grow to around 6.5 feet, but can reach lengths of ten feet or more in ideal conditions. They’re found in wooded areas as well as semi-desert settings and rocky hillsides.

Reticulated Python :are the largest python in the world. They’re also generally considered the longest snakes in the world. Reticulated pythons can grow to over 20 feet long and weigh over 150 pounds

Burmese Python:One of the largest pythons in the world, the Burmese python regularly grows to lengths of more than 11 feet. They’re heavy-bodied snakes, with some weighing over 100 pounds.

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