top 10 largest river deltas

Indus Delta:begins where the Indus River meets the Arabian Sea. The climate surrounding this delta is arid. Thus, the delta receives only about 25 to 50 centimeters of rainfall every year. 

Ganges-Brahmaputra: Delta is the largest delta on Earth. It is a highly fertile land, warranting the name Green Delta. It also supports the highest population density among all deltas. 

Lena Delta:spans 30000 square KM and protects an extensive range of wildlife.The delta which is frozen tundra for seven months every year temporarily becomes a lush wetland in the fifth month.

Mississippi Delta:which runs through Memphis, Helena, New Orleans, and Venice, is famous for its affiliations to music and art. 

Volga Delta: is Europe’s largest delta. This bountiful delta drains 20% of Europe’s rivers, including the Volga River, accounting for 80% of the Caspian River inflow. It runs for 10500 square miles.

Niger Delta : is arguably one of the most revenue-generating rivers in Nigeria. The Niger River and its delta are home to many marine animals, including endangered species. 

Orinoco Delta: remains uninhabited by humans. It is home to rivers canals swamps and rainforests that preserve the delta’s wildlife profile. Within the delta is a national park Mariusa National Park.

Tigris-Euphrates Delta:This delta arises from joining two main rivers. They are Tigris and Euphrates, along with other smaller tributaries. The delta drains rivers across five countries.

Mekong Delta :the Nine Dragon River Delta because it flows through nine main channels into the Southern China Sea. It is a biological treasure trove, housing over 1,000 animal and plant species.

Huang He Delta:This is because its lower reaches often change course, thus shifting the position of the delta by a few hundred kilometers over the centuries. 

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