top 10 largest rivers

Brahmaputra River: is a transboundary river that flows through Bangladesh, India, and Tibet. It is also known as Luit in Assamese, Dihang/Siang River in Arunachal Pradesh, Yarlung Tsangpo in Tibet.

Amazon River: is the longest disputed river. The river cuts across South America and empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Its watersheds span the countries of Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil,Ecuador,Colombia.

Congo River:Formerly known as the Zaire River, the Congo River is the second-longest river in Africa and the second largest river on the planet by volume. With around 720 feet.

Río de la Plata River:is the estuary formed by the confluence of Paraná River and Uruguay River at Punta Gorda.

Rio Negro/Guainia: is the largest left tributary of the Amazon River. It’s among the ten largest rivers in the world by volume and the largest blackwater river on the planet. 

Madeira River: It is also one of the biggest tributaries of the Amazon River. The Madeira is formed by the junction of the Beni and Mamore rivers at Villa Bella, Bolivia.

Ganges River:is a transboundary river in Asia that flows through India and Bangladesh. It’s the third-largest river by volume in the world. Millions of people live in the Ganges basin .

Orinoco:is among the longest rivers in South America at 1,400 miles (2,253 km) with an average discharge of 37,740 m³/s.

Yenisei River:also known as Jenisej, Enisei, or Yenisey, is the fifth-longest river on the planet. It’s also among the largest rivers in the world by volume. 

Yangtze River: is China’s principal waterway. It is the third-longest in the world and the longest in Asia. Unlike other rivers, the Yangtze River flows entirely within China. 

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