Top 10 largest seals

Bearded Seal: is the largest of all the arctic seals. While it is shorter than the sea lions listed above, its maximum weight dwarfs the other entries by hundreds of pounds.

Leopard Seal: is a big animal. It is one of the largest seals in the Antarctic, comparable to the Weddell seal listed below and behind the southern elephant seal. Being a true seal.

Southern Elephant Seal:is the largest seal alive on earth today. It can get almost three feet longer than the northern elephant seal and can weigh over 3000 pounds more. 

Walrus:The walrus is a unique, large flippered marine animal. It is the only species in its genus and family, which makes it difficult to leave it out of any list involving similar species like sea.

Steller Sea Lion: is the largest species of sea lion in the world. It shares some of its habitat with the California sea lion, but instead of barking, lets out an impressive low-frequency roar. 

Weddell Seal : live primarily on fast ice or ice that is connected to the land. They aren’t migratory, being limited to the circumpolar regions, and feed on what could be considered standard food.

California Sea Lion:lions express polygynous breeding tendencies, meaning males set up territories and try to attract females. Females are free to move between territories and choose a mate.

South American Sea Lion:the South American sea lion is an intelligent, social marine animal that barks to communicate. Like all sea lions, the South American uses its powerful fore flippers.

Northern Elephant Seal :is the presence of a large, inflatable nose on the males. The nose overhangs their lower lips and is used for males to transit warnings to other males. 

New Zealand Sea Lion:its total population falls somewhere around 12,000 members. Other common names include Hookers sea lion and whakahao in Maori (the Maori are the dominant native population.

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