Top 10 Largest Snakes in Africa

Black Necked Spitting Cobra:One of the largest snakes in Africa, the black necked spitting cobra can reach up to seven feet in length. Their backs and sides are entirely black in color.

Green Mamba:The green mamba grows to a maximum length of around seven feet long. They’re exceptionally thin snakes that spend most of their time in the trees.

Egyptian Cobra:Adults can reach over eight feet long, though the average length is closer to five feet, and weigh up to 20 pounds. They’re easily recognized by their dark brown or black color .

Boomslang :These aren’t the largest snakes in Africa, but for tree-dwelling snakes, they’re very large. Boomslangs grow up to six feet long, with bright green coloration and large eyes.

Cape Cobra:One of the smaller members of the cobra family, the cape cobra grows up to six feet long. Like other species of cobra, they have wide neck hoods made of flattened ribs. 

 African Rock Python:The largest snake in Africa is the African rock python. These hulking reptiles can reach 20 feet in length, though most don’t exceed 15 feet.

Black Mamba:One of Africa’s most famous, and feared, snakes, the black mamba grows to a maximum length of nearly 15 feet. They have slender bodies, with narrow heads, black eyes, and gray to yellow.

Puff Adder: Most puff adders don’t exceed four feet though. Like the carpet viper, they’re highly venomous and responsible for many snakebites. Puff adders are heavy snakes, with diamond markings .

Gaboon Viper:These snakes may not be the longest in Africa, but they are some of the heaviest. Gaboon vipers reach a maximum length of around five feet but weigh upwards of 25 pounds.

Carpet Viper:grow to a maximum length of three feet. But despite their relatively small size, they’re responsible for more deaths than almost any other snake in Africa. 

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