Top 10 Largest Snakes in Asia

 Indian Python:The second-largest snake in Asia is the Indian python. Indian pythons grow up to 12 feet long and can weigh over 100 pounds. They live throughout the entire Indian and Sri Lanka.

Common Krait:are one of the largest snakes in Asia, particularly among water-loving snakes. They grow to a maximum length of nearly six feet and have long thin bodies adapted for semi-aquatic living.

Burmese Python:One of the largest snakes in Asia, Burmese pythons can grow up to 16 feet long and weigh more than 150 pounds. Females are significantly larger than males.

Checkered Keelback:have one of the most distinctive patterns of any snake. They have a base color of light brown to brown-green, with darker squares arranged in a checkerboard pattern.

Bamboo Pit Viper:grow to a maximum length of about 3.5 feet. They’re brightly colored, with dark green backs and sides and lime green undersides. Even their eyes are bright green.

Spectacled Cobra:These snakes have heavy bodies with wide hoods and spectacle-like markings on their throats and the backs of their necks. 

Russell’s Viper:These snakes have some of the most distinctive markings of any snake in Asia. They have sand-colored bodies with distinct dark brown ovoid splotches.

Reticulated Python:Number one on our list of the largest snakes in Asia is the reticulated python. Reticulated pythons are the longest snakes in the world, and they’re tied with two other species.

Indian Wolf Snake:certainly aren’t the largest snakes in Asia, but they can grow up to three feet long. They have highly variable coloring but always have dark bodies with thin stripes running down .

King Cobra:have the distinction of being the longest venomous snakes in the world. They make it to number three on our list of largest snakes in Asia, and their bronze medal is well deserved. 

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