Top 10 Largest Starfish 

Giant Sea Star: its name as a giant with a whopping 24 inch diameter.  Giant sea stars are found on the western coast of North America, usually on rocks and near the low tide mark.

Spiny Starfish:are native to the eastern Atlantic ocean at depths down to 650 feet where they prefer rocks and muddy areas.  They have five slim arms and a diameter of 27 inches.

Red Cushion Sea Star: is also known as the West Indian sea star and has a diameter of around 20 inches.  They live in the Caribbean Sea and the western Atlantic Ocean where they prefer shallow water.

Mottled Star:is in shades of orange, brown, grey, or purple.  They have five narrow arms which are often turned up at the tip and reach a maximum diameter of 20 inches.

Midgardia Xandaros:The largest starfish in the world is Midgardia xandaros with a massive 53 inch diameter. These little-known starfish are particularly unusual as they have a very small central disc

Sunflower Sea Star:is easily the sunflower sea star with an 39 inch diameter. Sunflower sea stars have between 16 and 24 arms and can be virtually any color.  They are found in the northeast Pacific.

Pink Sea Star:They have five thick arms and can reach 28 inches.  Pink sea stars are native to the northeast Pacific ocean. They generally prefer the shallower water near the coast.

Northern Pacific Sea Star:is found in shallow waters around the coasts of Alaska British Columbia China Japan, Korea, and Russia.  Northern Pacific sea stars can reach a maximum diameter of 19.5 inc.

Stimpson’s Sun Star: also known as striped sun stars, are large starfish and have a diameter of around 19.5 inches.  They are found on rocky surfaces in seas up to 2,000 feet deep around Japan.

Antarctic Sun Starfish: is particularly distinctive as it has between 40 and 45 slender, flexible rays and can reach 23.5 inches in diameter.  They are usually pale orange or pinkish-red colour .

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