Top 10 Largest Trees in the World

Monroe: is another giant sequoia that is located in California. This tree is located in the Giant Forest Grove which is in the United States’ Sequoia National Park. 

Boole:The tree named Boole is located in Converse Basin Grove, another grove of sequoias located in Fresno County, California. This tree has the largest circumference of any living giant sequoia. 

General Sherman:The largest tree in the world is General Sherman. This massive tree has a volume of 1,486 cubic meters, over 100 more than the previous entry. 

Stagg:The fifth-largest tree in the world is called Stagg. This one is also not named for a president but a football coach from the University of Chicago.The tree is located in the Alder Creek Grove.

Franklin: is a tree that has its home in Giant Forest Grove alongside Monroe and many others. The tree’s volume is 1,169, a fair difference from the next tree even though it lacks the height.

Genesis:is a giant sequoia that was named after the first book of the Bible. The tree has a large volume and a sizeable height. 

Lincoln:The tree called Lincoln is another member of the Giant Forest Grove that contains so many of the largest trees in the world. The tree was named for Abraham Lincoln.

General Grant:The last of the trees named for presidents is the General Grant. This is a military officer during the American Civil War and later the president of the United States.

Robert E. Lee:Like all the other trees here, Robert E. Lee is a giant sequoia. This tree was named for the Confederate general that led the Army of Northern Virginia. 

President: is also located in the Giant Forest Grove in California. It’s not as tall as some of the others on this list. This tree is also the oldest living sequoia tree in the world.

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