Top 10 lizards in florida

Broadhead skink:The broadhead skink is a substantial reptile with a bulky body and a wide, triangular head. It’s native to much of Northern Florida as well as the Southeast United States in general.

Eastern Fence Lizard:These hardy little lizards are widespread throughout much of the Eastern United States. In fact, you can find them from Pennsylvania all the way down to Florida.

Green Iguana:Although it is one of Florida’s most abundant lizards by far, the green iguana is sadly not native to the US’ third-most populous state. However.

Six-lined Racerunner:True to its name, the six-lined racerunner has six equally-spaced yellow stripes running vertically down the length of its body from the base of the neck to the tip of the tail. 

Nile Monitor:Didn’t expect to see a monitor lizard–much less a Nile monitor–on this list, did you? Thankfully, this gigantic, fearsome lizard isn’t actually native to Florida.

Cuban Brown Anole: Small yet exceptionally hardy in nature, these unassuming brown lizards have migrated all the way to parts of Mexico, the Southeast United States.

Green Anole:While the green anole is native to much of the Southeast United States, it is perhaps most abundant throughout Florida! 

Florida Sand Skink:True to its name on all accounts, the Florida sand skink is native to Florida, lives in the sand, and is most certainly a member of the Scincidae family! At first glance, though.

Reef gecko:Another one of Florida’s most widespread and recognizable lizards is the reef gecko. It is also sometimes known as the Florida reef gecko or the brown-speckled sphaero.

Florida Scrub Lizard:The first lizard on our list is one that, as its name suggests, is primarily found within Florida’s dry, sandy, forested scrub regions. 

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