Top 10 lizards in north carolina

Green Anole:Yet another extremely common reptile that has colonized much of the eastern United States is this vibrant little green lizard. 

Coal Skink: currently is divided into two subspecies: the northern and southern varieties. These species mostly differ by geographic range. The northern coal skink resides in the northern.

Common Five-Lined Skink:The common five-lined skink is one of North America’s most common and widespread native lizard species! Its vast geographic range covers all of North Carolina.

Ground Skink:If you can’t already tell, North Carolina’s most common lizards by far are skinks and glass lizards! At a mere 3 to 5 inches long, the ground skink is actually one of the smallest .

Texas Horned Lizard:One of North Carolina’s most unusual lizards, the Texas horned lizard, is a bit far from its native home. While it normally lives in much hotter, drier regions.

Broad-headed Skink: it is quite long, often reaching 6 to 12 inches from snout to tail tip. True to the lizard’s common name, its head is wide and triangular.

Eastern Fence Lizard:is another very common and widespread species throughout North Carolina and much of the eastern United States. It has two current subspecies and a variety of common names.

Mimic Glass Lizard:Also sometimes known as the rainbow glass lizard, the mimic glass lizard is a bizarre reptile that, at a glance, looks somewhat like a garter snake.

Slender Glass Lizard:We now come to another bizarre yet fascinating legless lizard: the slender glass lizard! Currently, there are two subspecies, the eastern and western varieties. 

Eastern Glass Lizard:The third main glass lizard species living in North Carolina is the eastern glass lizard. While its native range stretches across much of the Southeast United States.

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