Top 10 longest living animals in the world

Tuatara may look like an ordinary reptile, belongs to the family Sphenodontidae. They have a greenish-brown and grey body with big heads, strong legs, razor-sharp claws

The geoduck is the largest burrowing bivalve. It is one of the longest living animals in the world that belongs to the family Hiatellidae.

Galapagos tortoise is perhaps the most popular biggest, and longest-living native animal on the planet; prefer to live from dry lowlands to humid highlands. It is the giant of the tortoise world.

Red sea urchin found in the northeastern Pacific Ocean from Alaska to Baja, California. Sea urchins usually inhabit ocean seabeds, warm ocean waters, and live near coral reefs.

Rougheye rockfishes are excellent eating and extremely long-lived fish that belongs to the Sebastidae family. Alternative names of this species include blackthroat rockfish or the blacktip rockfish.

Koi is a large ornamental fish species that descend from the common carp, native to Eastern Asia, and belongs to Cyprinidae. With our proper care, it can grow up to three feet in length. 

Bowhead whales are one of the oldest and longest living mammals in existence, also known as Greenland right whale or Arctic whale. Unlike other whales that migrate to feed

Ocean quahog is edible clam species that belongs to the Arcticidae family. They represent commercially exploited longest living species of a bivalve mollusk.

Greenland shark belongs to the family Somniosidae and can reach about 200 years, making it the longest-living animal. Other names of the species are the gurry shark, grey shark.

Glass sponges are animals in the class Hexactinellida commonly found in the deep ocean, native to the East China Sea and the Southern Ocean. 

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