Top 10 longest rivers in canada

South Saskatchewan River: is a tributary of the Saskatchewan River. It begins at the Bow Glacier in Alberta and flows for 865 miles before it joins the Saskatchewan River. 

Saskatchewan River:from the confluence of the North and South Saskatchewan rivers. This river flows eastward through Saskatchewan and Manitoba before emptying into Lake Winnipeg.

Columbia River:The river begins at Columbia Lake in Canada, but a lot of the Columbia River flows through the United States. 

Saint Lawrence River: is not the longest one in Canada, but it may be one of the most well-known. This river is especially important for trade, travel, and plant and animal life. 

Mackenzie River: is the longest river in Canada. This river stems from the Great Slave Lake and flows over 2,600 miles to the Beaufort Sea in the Arctic Ocean.

Slave River:unfortunate-sounding name is likely derived from a First Nations group known as the Slavey. The river first starts at the delta formed by the Peace River and Lake Athabasca.

Peace River: is another body of water in Canada that has several existing hydroelectric dams and others planned for the future. This river measures 1,195 miles, stemming from the Finlay River .

Churchill River: is famous for the various fish species that live in the water as well as the presence of belugas near the river’s mouth. The headwaters of the river are located at Churchill Lake. 

Yukon River: is the Llewellyn Glacier in Canada, but much of the river flows through Alaska in the United States before reaching its mouth, the Bering Sea. 

Nelson River: is known for its long run, the hydroelectric dams that dot the water, and the large volume of water that flows through the river. However, the dams on the river have led to problems.

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