Top 10 Loudest Animals

African Cicadas:with more being discovered regularly. While they are all loud, the loudest may be the Green Grocer and the Yellow Monday.

Blue Whales:is one of the biggest animals alive, so it may not come as any surprise that it also has one of the loudest sounds.

Greater Bulldog Bat:If you think of bats as quiet animals, you would be wrong in the case of the greater bulldog bat who lives in Mexico, Argentina, and some Caribbean islands.

Northern Elephant Seal:make sounds to communicate with their pups. Young pups can be noisy when mom is not close by, and they sense danger. 

Sperm Whale:capable of producing clicking sounds up to 233 decibels, is the loudest animal on earth. That’s not the only category it leads.

Mantis Shrimp:living in tropical and temperate seas have a unique claw that they can very rapidly to catch prey. When they close the claw, it produc a loud popping sound from the formed water bubble.

Howler Monkey:The loudness of the monkey’s vocalizations depends on at least four different factors. The scream will appear louder in environments where the sound echoes well.

North American Bullfrog:makes several different sounds to communicate.The loudest sound, which can be about 119 decibels is made with an open mouth while the frogs make all other with a closed mouth.

Kakapos:is the world’s largest parrot. If it was not for the work of Don Merton and others with the Kakapo Recovery Programme in New Zealand, this flightless bird might have become extinct.

Moluccan Cockatoo:can scream up to 129 decibels about the same level as a 747 jet. Like dogs, if you own a Moluccan cockatoo, they will scream to alert you that they sense trouble nearby.

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