Top 10 Lowest Elevation Lakes 

Lake Assal:located in Djibouti, is Africa’s lowest lake and lowest point. It’s a crater lake in the middle of Djibouti, in a confined depression near the Great Rift Valley’s northern edge.

Salton Sea:a shallow, salty, endorheic lake with a surface size of 343 square miles (889 square kilometers), is California’s largest lake. Because it is landlocked, it lacks alternative streams .

Dead Sea:With an elevation of 1,412 feet or 430.5 meters below sea level, the Dead Sea is generally known as the lowest lake in the world. However, it gets beaten by another lake.

Lake Eyre :Sitting at an elevation of 49 feet or 15 meters below sea level, Lake Eyre in Australia is the world’s 10th lowest lake. With a total area of 4,281 square miles (11,088 square km).

Sea of Galilee:is neither a sea nor a salty body of water. It is a freshwater lake and the third-lowest globally, sitting at an elevation of 704 feet or 212.12 meters below sea level.

Lake Vostok:in Antarctica is about 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) below the surface and lies 1,600 feet or 500 meters below sea level. Scientists can’t collect enough samples .

Lake Enriquillo:is a hypersaline lake in the country’s southwestern area. The largest lake in the Dominican Republic, Hispaniola, and the entire Caribbean.

Lake Moeris:sits 140 feet or 43 meters below sea level in Egypt and covers 72 sq mi or 202 sq km. It’s an old lake in Egypt’s Faiyum Oasis, 80 kilometers (50 miles) southwest of Cairo. 

Laguna del Carbón: is a saline lake located 344 feet (105 meters) below sea level in the Department of Corpen Aike, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina. 

Caspian Sea: But what makes it more unique is that it lies at a shallow surface elevation measuring 92 feet or 28 meters below sea level.

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