Top 10 Maddest or Angriest Cats

Sphynx isn’t just one of the most unique-looking cat breeds, it can also be one of the maddest cats. That’s because it loves to cuddle and demands attention, wanting to be in your lap.

Bengal is an exotic breed that is the result of a cross between domestic shorthair cats with leopard cats. It’s one of the crazy cats that retains a wild streak and is shy around strangers.

Smallest domestic cat breed is the Singapura. Adorable, affectionate, curious, and intelligent, it bonds strongly with its people and has kitten-like hyperactive energy that remains through adulthood.

Pixie Bob is one of the maddest cats ever, but it’s not because it throws its full weight around while playfighting. This vocal bobtail breed is known much more for chirping.

Korat is a rare breed that needs a quiet home with an attentive owner who will give it stimulating play and affection.

Egyptian Mau is a beautiful exotic breed with a dog-like personality, being loyal, trainable, and affectionate. It develops strong bonds with its people.

One of the maddest cats is the result of a cross between a black American shorthair and a Burmese, the Bombay. It is affectionate with people, has strong bonds to its owner loves to play fetch.

Another one of the maddest & angriest cats is the Cymric. This breed is very protective of its owner and home, being likely to growl and attack at the slightest sign of trouble.

Siamese tends to bond with just one person at the expense of everyone else. Although it’s affectionate with people, it gets jealous of any other pet seeming to get more attention.

The serval is easily the maddest & angriest cat in the world. Although it’s not a cat breed but a wild cat, some people have it as a pet and have made it popular as an exotic animal.

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