Top 10 Most Magnificent Pyramids In The World

Ancient Land of Andean Mountains: Atop the Ancient Land in the Andean Mountains of Peru, you will find some breathtaking pyramids.

Monk Mound, St. Louis: The Cahokia Mounds in St. Louis is known as the largest pyramid in Northern Mesoamerica.

Qianling Mausoleum (White Pyramid): According to World-Pyramids, “…second emperor of the Tang Dynasty structure back to 684 AD.

Santa Agata Pyramid Hill, Italy: Santa Agata is located in the Provence of Benevento, Italy.

Tikal, Guatemala: Tikal is the capital of the former Mayan civilization in what is now Guatemala.

Great Pyramid: The Great Pyramid of Giza is located in Egypt. 

Piramida Hill in Slovenia: The Pirimida Hill in Slovenia is more of a natural structure that offers a beautiful view of the town of Maribor.

Nemrut Pyramid Mound: The Nemrut Pyramid Mound in Turkey was constructed for King Antinochus. 

Túcume Pyramids, Peru: The Túcume Pyramids in Peru are some of the most interesting structures in the world. 

Tenochtitlan, Mexico: Tenochtitlan is an ancient Aztec city in what is now Mexico City.

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