Top 10 Absolutely Majestic Canidae Family Members

Fennec Fox: Fennec foxes have those distinctively large ears. 

African Wild Dog: The African wild has a very distinct appearance but is still quite majestic.

Raccoon Dog: Contrary to its name, the raccoon dog is not related to the raccoon. 

Jackal: The jackal looks like a cross between a fox and a coyote.

Coyote: The coyote is one of the canidae members you want to stay away from in the wild.

Siberian Husky: Siberian huskies are beloved dogs. They can be found in plenty of homes and are very fun pets to have around you.

Bat-eared Fox: The bat-eared fox is awesome to look at and we definitely know where it gets its name.

Dingo: Dingos should not be confused with domestic dogs. 

Arctic Fox: The arctic fox is an absolutely majestic animal.

Norweigian Fjord horse: Crossbreeding has been banned in 1907; thus, this breed had preserved its natural and purebred beauty up to the present.

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