Top 10 Mammals of Mississippi River

Masked Shrew:is a grayish-brown color with a pointed snout and a long tail. It is the most widely distributed shrew in North America and lives in many Northern United States and Canadian habitats.

American Beaver: is the largest rodent in the United States and is native to North America, with fossils dating back seven million years ago. This rodent has a long, flat, black tail, dark-brown fur.

North American River Otter: most of its time in the water and thrives in river systems making their burrows near the water edge.They build a multitude of tunnels in their home where they can quickly.

American Mink: is part of the weasel family and is native to North America. This semi-aquatic species is distinguishable by its dark brown or black fur with a white patch on its chin.

Virginia Opossum: This species varies in size, with North American possums weighing 20 times as much as those from the tropics. They have grayish-brown fur with white faces and long, hairless tails.

Muskrat: is a semi-aquatic rodent with thick, dark brown fur and scaly tails and is the heaviest member of the Cricetidae family . This species is often mistaken for rats and beavers.

Striped Skunk:is a black and white mammal with short limbs, curved claws, and scent glands near its anus that emit an odor to ward off predators. This highly-recognizable animal inhabits much.

Southern Red-Backed Vole:This vole is slender with round ears and long reddish-brown fur. This rodent is often mistaken for a mouse but is actually related to lemmings and hamsters.

White-Tailed Deer:is native to North America and is widely distributed across the continent. This deer species is easily recognizable by the white underside of its tail, which it raises when predator

Red Fox: is widely distributed across the Northern hemisphere, including near the Mississippi River in North America. This fox species has an elongated body, short limbs, a long, bushy tail.

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