Top 10 Most Beautiful Birds

Birds of Paradise:has a black head with a white beak and white rings around its eyes. It has a “cape” and tail of deep turquoise and a black oval outlined in red in the middle of his chest. 

Blue-gray Tanager:is not as blue as this bird. Its shades of blue range from Alice blue on the head to cerulean on the breast to purplish-blue and sapphire blue on the wings.

Mute Swan: contrasting with an orange bill, black mask, and long white neck, the mute swan is the epitome of avian beauty and grace. Found on large bodies of fresh water in temperate zones.

 Purple Honeycreeper: the purple honeycreeper does have a bill that’s too long and curved, but its plumage, a startling shade of amethyst, puts it on the list of the most beautiful birds in the world

 Peacock: Pavo cristatus, Pavo muticus, and Afropavo congensis inevitably make the list of the most beautiful birds in the world. With its long train and spectacular coloration .

Turquoise Parrot:Found in eastern Australia, the sexes of this small parrot are sort of similar, though the female is paler. The male is mostly green with a yellow belly and it’s the amazing.

Gouldian Finch:one of the most beautiful birds in the world. The male has a red and black face capped with turquoise blue and olive green, an olive green back, a purple breast, a yellow belly.

Flame Bowerbird:its neck plumes and shoulders is brilliant red-orange, cooling down to orange then bright flame yellow on its back and wings. The tail and wings are tipped with black. 

Victoria Crowned Pigeon: is singular. Found in New Guinea, it is a terrestrial pigeon that lives on the ground. Named for Queen Victoria, it is notable for its “crown” a crest with violet-blue .

Scarlet Tanager: is found in the United States east of the Mississippi and winters down in northwestern South America. Though its scientific name is Piranga olivacea, with olivacea meaning.

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