Top 10 Most Beautiful Horse Breeds

Akhal-Teke: One of the most infamous horse breeds residing in Turkmenistan is the Akha-Teke.

Pintabian: This horse is a mixture of the purebred Arabians and Tobiano horses which resulted to a magnificent breed of Pintabian.

Andalusian horse: The Andalusian horse is considered one of the oldest horses on earth, which exists since the 15th century. 

Appaloosa: If you’re fond of watching Western movies, then you’ll surely know how popular this horse is.

Friesian horse: This horse breed is famously known for its gorgeous mane – originated from the Netherlands, in Friesland. 

Gypsy horse: Over the last 100 years, people in Ireland are adamant about making selective breeding of horses to make their chores easier without the need for high food maintenance.

Arabian horse: One of the most remarkable horse breeds on earth is the Arabian Horse. 

Icelandic horse: If you’re a fan of ponies, then this breed of horse is for you.

Mustang: Brought by the Spaniards to the Americans, this breed is equipped with great strength. 

Norweigian Fjord horse: Crossbreeding has been banned in 1907; thus, this breed had preserved its natural and purebred beauty up to the present.

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