Top 10 Most Beautiful Insects

 Ladybug:beetles are not only pretty but cute, with their round bodies and the black polka dots that cover their elytra, which are often cheerful red, orange, or yellow. .

Broad-Winged Katydid:the shape and color of this katydid’s body causes it to all but disappear as it rests on a leaf, and its favorite habitats are meadows and in the vegetation that grows alongside.

Fireflies:The common eastern firefly of eastern North America has a rose-colored thorax with a black spot, and its elytra are black and edged with yellow. 

Rosy Maple Moth:The rosy maple moth is a silk moth, a family that contains some of the most beautiful moths. It gets its name because its caterpillar mostly feeds on several species of maple trees.

 Dragonflies:are predators of the air. They can be easily identified by their long, spindle-like abdomens, huge eyes, and their agility while in flight.

Orchid Mantis: is one of a group of mantids that mimic flowers. In this case, it mimics the sugar pink Phalaenopsis orchids found in the tropical rainforests of southeast Asia.

Velvet Ant:can deliver a hellacious sting does not make it any less beautiful to behold. Also, they’re not ants at all but wingless wasps. The fact that they can sting makes them female.

Mourning Cloak Butterfly:The mourning cloak is one of the longest-lived of the butterflies and can live as long as a year. One reason for this is that they hibernate in the winter.

Picasso Bug:looks like a child picked up some paints and carefully painted all kinds of abstract designs on its back. Found in subSaharan Africa, the Picasso bug grows to only 1/3 of an inch long.

Chrysina aurigans:is native to the rainforests of Costa Rica. Other golden beetles in its genus are C. resplendens and C. limbata. There’s even a sister beetle that looks like a little nugget.

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