Top 10 Most Common Animals That Live in the Amazon Rainforest

Boa Constrictor:We begin the list with one of the best-known snakes around — the boa constrictor. Boa constrictors are large snakes with heavy bodies and can reach lengths up to 13 feet.

Caiman:There are six species of caiman and four of them live in the Amazon rainforest. Although some species are fairly small, the largest — the black caiman — can reach 13 feet long.

Green Iguana:Although there is a vast array of animals in the Amazon, the largest and most common lizard you might encounter is the green iguana which can be as much as six feet long. 

Capybara:The largest rodent in the world — the capybara — is also one of the most common animals in the Amazon rainforest. Capybaras live in social groups typically consisting of 10 to 20 animals.

Toco Toucan: Toco toucans mainly eat fruit but will also sometimes eat insects, frogs, and small birds. They typically nest in a hollowed-out cavity high up in the trees, and both parents incubate the eggs.

Scarlet Macaw:The final animal on the list is another stunning bird — the scarlet macaw. Scarlet macaws are large parrots with beautiful red, yellow, and blue plumage. 

Squirrel Monkey:Monkeys are easily some of the most common animals in the Amazon, with nine different species living there. However, one that you are most likely to encounter is the squirrel monkey. 

Tapir:The largest terrestrial animal in the Amazon is the tapir which stands approximately three feet high at the shoulder but weighs as much as 700 pounds. 

Howler Monkey: Howler monkeys typically live in groups of between six and 15 animals. They are much larger than squirrel monkeys, ranging between 20 and 24 inches long, with a tail of a similar length. 

Jaguar: Jaguars are the world’s third largest species of cat and usually weigh between 120 and 210 pounds, although large males can exceed 300 pounds. 

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