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Top 10 Most Deadly Fruits on Earth

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Pangium Edule: This tropical fruit contains hydrogen cyanide and also known as a fruit that nauseates.

Manchineel: Manchineel, also called beach apple, might deceive you.

Jatropha: There are some reports that people have been hospitalized due to jatropha fruit poisoning.

Strychnine: Native to southern Asia and Australia, the strychnine fruit plant was used for centuries around the world to produce a poison.

European Spindle: The tree of European spindle can be beneficial for insects and birds as this tree provides food that they need.

Elderberries: These berries are used for making jams, jellies, tea and wine.

Yellow Star Fruit: Yellow star fruit looks beautiful and tastes good.

Apricot Seeds: One of the delicious and healthy fruits in the market is the apricot.

Ackee: Ackee is Jamaica’s national fruit and a native fruit to West African.

Yew Berry: This beautiful Yew Berry Tree is commonly found in most parts of Middle East, North America and Europe.

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