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Top 10 Most Destructive Typhoons

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Nina: On July 30, 1975, the fourth deadliest typhoon recorded that falls under category 4 was typhoon Nina.

Haiyan: In November 2013, super typhoon Haiyan landed in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines.

Haiphong: On October 8, 1981, Haiphong was among the most catastrophic and the third deadliest typhoons recorded in history.

Wanda: A category 2 typhoon, Wanda, hit Hongkong from August 27, 1962 up to September 1, 1962.

Vera: Among the typhoons that have passed in Japan, Vera was the deadliest and the strongest typhoon ever landed.

Forrest: This is among the fastest-moving cyclones ever recorded.

Ida: On the 20th of September 1958, typhoon Ida, Japan’s 6th deadliest typhoon, ruined 2,118 buildings and washed away railway bridges as well as 244 roads.

Megi: The term Megi is known in Korea as catfish.

Sarah: In South Korea and Japan, category 5 super typhoon Sarah‘s rain and high winds landed and destroyed thousands of people’s homes.

Nancy: Nancy, a category 5 super typhoon, hit Japan and Guam on the 12th of September 1961.

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