Top 10 Most Difficult School Subjects

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Physics: Electricity and Magnetism is just one example that can be taught during the first year. For me, physics is actually quite simple and it is very interesting when .

Foreign Language: Other than that basic vocabulary isn't hard, and it ends up getting easy to read sentences and know what the words mean even if you have never seen them before.

Chemistry: Chemistry in grade 11, Toronto is complicated but you just have to give more time to it. There are many YouTube videos that explain it well. Stoichiometry was the easiest for me.

Calculus:  Even calculus can be easy, as long as you are interested in what you read, it's easy to understand the topic. In my elementary years.

Math: The hardest part is that I don't hate math. I actually quite enjoy solving equations and word problems. I'm just so bad at it.

English:  I am a creative person who lives in England. I pass all of my English tests with ease. I never fail and all of my English teachers are ever so nice to me.

Biology: Biology is by far the most fundamentally useful subject of all the sciences. Being able to understand the logistics of life yields a more appreciative perspective on life.

Trigonometry: The sad thing is: you either get it or you don't. In order to ace a test you must have near complete mastery over what you have been taught.

History: HARDEST CLASS I'VE EVER TAKEN. Of course each person is different, but I would believe for this to be the hardest subject for me.

Algebra II: This is the hardest subject I have come across, I'm in 9th grade in the top class in my grade for math even though I passed last year with a C.

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