Top 10 Most Badass Female Movie Characters

Top 10 Most Followed K-pop Idols on Instagram 2023

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Jisoo: Jisoo, another member of Blackpink back-to-back on this list.

Jimin: South Korean singer and dancer Jimin comes in 7th place in this list of most followed Insta K-pop idols in 2023.

Rosé: Rosé grew up in Melbourne of Australia but was born in New Zealand.

Jungkook: The most followed male K-pop idol in this list of top 10 most followed K-pop idols on Instagram in 2023.

BTS V: Kim Tae-Hyung is popularly known as V.

Suga: Min Yoon-gi aka Suga is a famous member of the K-pop group BTS in this list.

Yael Shelbia: Yael Shelbia is the most beautiful woman in the world as of now 2023.

Jin: We can’t ignore Kim Seok-jin aka Jin while shortlisting the name of the most.

J-Hope:  He is also multi-talented like other BTS members who can rap, songwriting, and dance.

Lisa: If you love K-pop music, you must be familiar with the name Lisa.

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