Top 10 Most Fun Jobs 

Animal Nutritionist:is a person who works to make sure the nutritional needs of the animals in their care are being met.

Dog or Cat Breeder:Dog breeders must take care to ensure that the male and females are in good health to prevent inheritable diseases from being passed on to the puppies or kittens.

Veterinarian:are responsible for providing medical care to pets. The most common animals treated by veterinarians are cats and dogs.

Marine Biologist:If you love ocean animals such as dolphins, killer whales, manatees, seals, or sea otters, one of the careers you may want to consider is to become a marine biologist.

Seeing-Eye Dog Trainer:Seeing-Eye dog trainers have a critical job; they are responsible for ensuring that dogs in training are ready to perform the duties need to help individuals.

Veterinary Assistant:If you’ve ever been to a vet, you’ve likely met a veterinary assistant. As the job title implies, these individuals assist veterinarians.

Wildlife Rehabilitator:job is to assess and care for wild animals that have been hurt. Some of their duties include patching up wounds and cleaning animals. 

Zoologist:study different animals and make plans for their care. They often work to make sure that their habitat is meeting their needs and that their dietary requirements are being met.

Zoo Veterinarian:specialize in treating animals at the zoo. This position requires more advanced training than what a standard veterinarian would receive since zoo veterinarians need to learn.

 Pet Sitter/Dog Walker:are often in high demand. These individuals visit people’s homes while they are working to take their dogs for a walk, feed their pets, and give the animals . 

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