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Top10 Most Haunted Hotels In America

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Bourbon Orleans Hotel: The various characters that allegedly haunt the Bourbon Orleans Hotel.

Audubon Cottages: The New Orleans haunts continues with the Audubon Cottages and the specific haunting areas have been narrowed down to Cottage four and Cottage two.

Crescent Hotel: The Crescent Hotel is pretty proud of the haunts and offers a pretty spooky tour for those interested in trying to have a personal encounter with a ghost.

Hotel Provincial: It’s yet another haunted spot in New Orleans that happened to make our lists.

Hotel Roosevelt: It doesn’t get any more Hollywood than the Hotel Roosevelt.

Equinox: If you want to chance an encounter with Abraham Lincoln’s wife Mary Todd, then the Equinox is definitely the place to go.

Emily Morgan Hotel: The former medical facility was transformed into a 177-room hotel.

Stanley Hotel: The Stanley Hotel should look a little familiar as it was the inspiration for Stephen King’s.

Hotel Chelsea: New York is home to the Chelsea Hotel which is home to a few apparitions.

Myrtles Plantation: The Myrtles Plantation is home to stories of voodoo, apparitions of former slaves and countless amounts of other ghosts.

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