Top 10 Most Important School Subjects

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Math: Personally, I just find mathematics beautiful. The elegance and the smoothness of a perfect theorem. it just feels really nice and warm.

Science: Science is so important. Everything is first discovered with Science, then Math. Science is the essence to everything

English: English is my least favourite subject but what I think is the most important subject,By far the most important subject IN THE WORLD.

History: I agree 100%. History allows us to learn from the large scale mistakes that many have made throughout in the past. By not learning history.

Geography: Many of the decisions leading to the biggest mistakes of History were made around tables from which a Geographer was missing.

Physics: Physics has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. A memorable presentation each time and much to put thought about. 

Physical Education: Physical Education is more important than any other subject. It doesn't matter if you're a math whiz or great at history.

Computer Science: It's the 21st century, so we must learn how to work with modern technology. I've already learned many things with this class.

Chemistry: The study and possible explanation of all the properties of all the materials and substances in the world and how they in they interact with each other.

Economics: Economics is such an undervalued field that incorporates all disciplines such as math and sciences. Plus it allows individuals to think critically. 

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