Top 10 Most Incredible Birds in Texas

Black-capped Vireo:These bashful birds like to bounce around in the bushes in search of concealed insects rather than sit in the open for an extended period. 

Le Conte’s Sparrow:These Georgian winter dwellers of native warm-season grasses are difficult to notice until they finally flush. They bear the name of a physician and naturalist. 

Sandhill Crane:are found statewide but particularly congregate along the Gulf Coast and in the Panhandle. With ancestors that date back more than 2.5 million years.

Red-headed Woodpecker:This bird may serve as the spokesperson for washing powder as its colors “never fade, never run.” Other birds will move aside if a red-headed woodpecker visits your seed feeder.

 Hooded Merganser:The hooded merganser and its two merganser cousins are the only waterfowl in Texas that enjoy eating fish. The Texan bird lacks the lovely greens and blues that other lovely.

Swallow-tailed Kite:The way this Southeast Texas nester flies is beautiful. Imagine a plain, black-and-white bird soaring with grace and ease against an intense blue sky. They certainly make flying.

Violet-green Swallow:Nothing rivals the violet-green swallow in a favorable light because of the contrast between its green-purple topside feathers and snow-white underside.

Purple Gallinule:This wetland creature appears to walk on water as it strides through lily pads and other floating aquatic vegetation on strong, thick feet with long toes.

 Prothonotary Warbler:The two cavity-nesting warblers in the United States are the prothonotary warbler and Lucy’s warbler. One quaint name for this little songbird of East Texas.

Rufous Hummingbird:The annual migration of the rufous hummingbird through Texas offers an exciting chance to observe hummingbird interactions.

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