Top 10 Most Overhated Rappers

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Lil Pump: Lil Pump's repetitive hooks and brash lyrics have divided hip-hop fans. Despite the criticism, his music has resonated with a massive audience.

Vanilla Ice: Vanilla Ice faced criticism for his commercial success and claims of authenticity. Despite this, "Ice Ice Baby" became a hip-hop classic and introduced many to the genre.

Nick Cannon: Nick Cannon is primarily known as a TV host and actor, but his foray into rap generated controversy. While his rap career may not be his main focus.

Gucci Mane: Gucci Mane has a polarizing reputation due to his legal issues and controversial lyrics. However, he's also been influential in shaping the trap music subgenre.

Soulja Boy: Soulja Boy is often dismissed as a one-hit wonder due to "Crank That (Soulja Boy)." However, he played a pivotal role in popularizing internet-driven hip-hop.

Silento: Silento's "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" was a viral sensation, but he faced criticism for the song's simplicity. Nevertheless, he left an indelible mark on pop culture with his dance craze.

Lil Yachty: Lil Yachty's playful and melodic style has earned him both fans and critics.

Iggy Azalea: Iggy Azalea's ascent to fame was met with controversy and accusations of cultural appropriation.

Machine Gun Kelly: Machine Gun Kelly has faced backlash for his transition from rap to pop-punk, but his versatility.

Tyga: Tyga has faced scrutiny for his perceived lack of lyrical depth, but he's consistently delivered catchy hits and maintained a successful career in hip-hop.