Top 10 Most Pointless Rules in School

Heading 1

Uniforms required:  It looks bad on me, simple, and gets in the way, and simply makes me feel horrid. People should please stop assuming it's to be inappropriate.

No bathroom breaks: This is by far the stupidest rule I've ever heard. Even a couple of times when I've gone to the bathroom before class so I don't have to go during class they still get upset at me.

No self-defence against bullies: The story was a 10 year old kid or something came up to a smaller kid and pushed him to the ground and hit him. So the little kid said push me and kicked the bully. 

If the student doesn't have enough lunch money in their accounts, the school has the right to deny them food: I have to call fair game on this one.

No eating in class: surprisingly my teacher didn't really care about me eating in class (as long if I did it seldomly), but I remember some 9th grade student making a big deal about it.

No hats or beanies: For some reason, my English teacher has a hoodie fetish and she is the only teacher that I have that has a problem with hoodies.

Do homework: Now yeah, should a teacher give a lot of homework (despite the fact that it's really bad for you) all because they had to do a lot of homework as a student.

No talking:  Maybe you can hear me because you have ears. And if you say your going to wait then just wait. teachers can't even keep their own word these days.

No electronics: This one time in class I was wearing my Fitbit Versa! Because it looks so much like an apple watch, that's what the teacher thought it was.

Must take P.E.: My PE classes involved these. A group of sport freaks, the overly feminine girls who always want to be on the same team and cry when they're not.

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