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Top 10 Most Poisonous Plants on Earth

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Most Dangerous Plants Cestrum: These are tiny hedges as well as trees that stem from Central as well as South America.

Most Dangerous Plants Castor Bean: The castor bean plant stems from East and also Northeast Africa to the Middle East.

Most Dangerous Plants Hemlock: This plant belongs to the parsley family and also it expands to a height of 2 to 6 ft.

Most Poisonous Plants Rosary Pea: This is a perennial plant that usually twins around trees to an elevation of 20 ft.

Most Poisonous Plants Aconite: These are dark-blue blossoms with straight and high stems.

Most Poisonous Plants Oleander: This is a Phanerophyte bush that with a stem that matures to 13 ft.

Most Dangerous Plants Chinaberry: The Chinaberry stems from tropical Asia. The plant matures to 60 ft.

Most Poisonous Plants Wisteria: These are stunning looking purple blossoms that originate from Japan, some parts of USA.

Most Poisonous Plants Lucky Nut: This is an attractive evergreen plant that originates from tropical America.

Most Poisonous Plants European Yew: This is just one of the oldest trees in Europe.

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