Top 10 Most Popular Pasta Shapes

Fusilli: Fusilli provides any dish with a surprising twist from its spiral-shaped pasta.

Macaroni:  Everyone is aware that macaroni is a favorite pasta among kids.

Capellini: This is among the thinnest kinds of pasta that ranges from 0.85-0.92 mm.

Fettuccine: Its ribbon-like, flat shape pasta makes fettuccine a firm pasta to hold up different kinds of sauces.

Pappardelle:  One thing in common between pappardelle and fettuccine is that both are flat noodles, although pappardelle is much wider than the latter.

Farfalle: Farfalle is also called “bow-tie pasta” because of its fun-shaped pasta.

Orecchiette:  The literal translation of orecchiette is ”little ears” due to its concave-shaped pasta that is similar to an ear.

Linguine: Linguine is a thin, flat noodles and its thickness is halfway between spaghetti and fettuccine.

Penne:  Penne pasta is a classic pantry staple. 

Spaghetti:  The spaghetti is among the most, though not exactly the most popular kind of pasta.

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