Top 10 Most Populated Islands 

 Sri Lanka:The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, historically known as Ceylon is a South Asian island.It is a beautiful pearl-shaped paradise off the coast of India and is rich in cultural.

Mindanao, Philippines:is the second-largest island in the Philippines after Luzon. As of the 2021 census, Mindanao had 27,021,036 inhabitants, making it the seventh-most populous island in the world.

Great Britain, United Kingdom: It comprises the nations of England, Scotland, and Wales. It has a population of 66,397,821, making it the third most populated island on Earth. 

Sumatra, Indonesia:is one of the western Indonesian Sunda Islands. It is the largest island within Indonesian territory and the sixth-largest island worldwide at 473,481 km2 (182,812 mi2). 

Borneo, Indonesia:Borneo is an island in the Pacific Ocean’s extreme southwest. It’s the world’s third-largest island, only Greenland and New Guinea being larger.

Honshu, Japan: It is Japan’s largest and most populated main island and the world’s second. With a population of 104,000,000, it makes up most of Japan, both population and landmass. 

Madagascar:With a population of 28,479,665, it comes in at number six on our list. In Madagascar, the number of births per year far outnumbers the number of deaths; hence.

Taiwan:is an island in the western Pacific Ocean that lies roughly 100 miles off the coast of southeastern China. With 23,865,820 people, it ranks eighth among the world’s most populous islands.

Luzon, Philippines: is the Philippines’ largest island and the world’s 15th largest by land area. It is home to 64,260,312 people or more than half of the Philippine population. 

Java, Indonesia:The most populated island in the world is the island of Java, which has a population of 147,795,436 people and is about the size of North Carolina or England.

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