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Top 10Most Shocking Hotel Room Secrets That You Should Know

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Death in Your Hotel Room: It is possible that somebody may have died in the hotel room you’re currently staying in.

Cancellation Fee Avoidance: You can avoid cancellation fees by calling the hotel to postpone the reservation you made.

Getting Kicked Out of the Hotel: Believe it or not, you can get kicked out of the hotel even if you booked earlier than your check-in day.

The Room You’ve Check-in Didn’t Pass Your Taste: Is the room you check-in didn’t pass your taste.

Discounted Price Isn’t Always Desirable: Hotel rooms at a discounted price are usually the least preferable ones.

No Vacancy: Hotels with no vacancy signs are most likely hotel rooms with few available rooms.

Not All Hotel Rooms are the Same: Deluxe or king-size rooms might fall in the same classification, but they aren’t the same.

Unclean Beddings: Everything else in the hotel room is not as clean as it supposes and appears to be, unless you are checking-in in a luxurious hotel.

Complimentary Breakfast Isn’t Free at All: The breakfast isn’t free at all and is included in your expenses.

Are those Drinking Glasses Really Clean?: Most people are strict when it comes to cleanliness and sanitation, especially in terms of the things we use when we eat.

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