Top 10 Most Shocking Moments 

Christchurch Mosque Shootings: Despicable. Absolutely appalled by this Islamophobia, and them thinking Jihad is terroism.

Sri Lanka Church and Hotel Bombings: The Christchurch shooting was motivated by Hate Speech but for the case of the Catholic Church being blown up by a Terrorist, it's motivated by persecution.

Donald Trump's Govt. Shutdown: I don't typically like to express a political opinion, especially on sites where opinions are disrespected, but this is getting out of hand.

2019 Women's March Cancelled for Being "Too White":Honestly what's the point of Marching in the first place? 

Fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral: I want to take a moment to really say what an impact Notre Dame has had on world culture over the years.

Mean Gene Okerlund Passes Away: Really sad. He was part of many wrestling fans' childhoods. He will be missed.

Virginia Beach Courthouse Shooting:I live just ten miles from the Municipal Center. 

2019 Measles Outbreak:This is why... you should vaccinate your kids, you idiot anti-vaxxers.

2019 Women's March Organizer: We have anti-semitic nutcases like Louis Farrakhan who want to spread hate across the world from his doctrine.

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