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Top 10 Most Spiritual Sites in the World

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Oregon, USA – The Crater Lake: A deep hole was left flooded which became Crater Lake when the top of Mount Mazama was blown way back 8000 years.

Wiltshire, UK – The Avebury: This place is dotted with peculiarity: the cutesy village that is divided by stone circle.

Sri Lanka – Adam’s Peak: A dented rock sits at the top of the pyramid peak, in the midst of the tea country.

North Island, New Zealand – The Cape Reinga: Located at the edge of Northland, wherein the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea collide.

Peru and Bolivia – The Lake Titicaca: Glimmering at the altitude of 3,800m, this wide Lake Titicaca is central to birth of Inca civilization.

Germany – The Wittenberg: Martin Luther, a priest, and professor attached 95 theses to Wittenberg’s Schlosskirche.

Tibet Autonomous Region, China -The Mount Kailash: Kailash is more beyond a mountain with 6714m high on the western Tibet.

Japan – The Kyoto: Kyoto was known previously as Heian-Kyo, “Capital of Tranquility and Peace”.

Cordoba, Spain – The La Mezquita: Mezquita is a Spanish term for mosque, and the Cordoban complex truly.

British Columbia, Canada – The S’Gang Gwaay: The archipelago of Haida Gwaii was occupied by the Haida people for about 8000 years.

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