Top 10 Most Valuable State Quarter

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The Minnesota Quarter minted in Philadelphia in 2005 produced lots of error coins. There were more than 50 different varieties that featured a double die on the reverse side.

This example was made in 1965 as part of a Special Mint Series. These were made for collectors, and were supposed to be a better quality than standard coins.

This coin doesn’t have a date, and nor do we know which state it was supposed to commemorate. But it was examined by independent coin graders the ANACS.

It’s not clear whether this was really an accidental addition. Some believe it was formed deliberately by a round-edged tool being pressed into the die.

Just as with the high leaf version, there’s some debate over whether this qualifies as a true error coin. But in any case, it’s rare to find it in excellent condition.

The District of Columbia was one of six territories added late to the 50 states series of quarters. And amongst the coins produced were some that had a notable error.

As coins are being made, feeder fingers push the planchets into place to be struck by the dies. But sometimes the fingers malfunction, getting jammed. That’s what happened here.

This quarter, commemorating the statehood of Indiana, was minted in Philadelphia in 2002. But one look shows you something went wrong.

The mint’s quality assurance practices should easily have picked up this coin – but somehow they missed it. It was graded MS64 by the PCGS, and was a rare find for collectors.

2000-P Maryland Quarter Struck: With most resellable coins, the year is what designates its value. This is because, in some years, fewer coins are released, and that rarity drives market interest.

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