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Top 10Most Walkable Cities in the World

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Paris: Paris is a worthy place to see at a leisurely pace, though it might need days to see all it offers.

Melbourne: Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia.

Buenos Aires: Buenos Aires is Argentina’s capital, which is also called ”Paris of South America.

Marrakech: Medina of Marrakech is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Vancouver: Vancouver may be the third biggest city in Canada, but it’s a walker’s paradise.

Florence: It is compared oftentimes as an outdoor museum.

Boston: Boston is a place where a lot of trails and walks show the rich culture and the history of the city. 

Vientiane: Vientiane is the city capital of Laos. It is situated along the Mekong river, a mix of Laotian and French cultures.

New York City:The City of New York is among the US’ most walkable places.

Dubrovnik: The whole city District of Dubrovnik is a pedestrian zone only, so there’s no reason not to explore this place on foot.

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