Top 10 Mountains In California

Mount Diller:has a very unique claim to fame. It is the last remaining piece of an ancient volcano. The volcano, Mt. Tehama, peaked around 300,000 years ago. 

San Jacinto Peak: is one of the most family friendly mountains to hike in California. There are several very easy trails that families can hike together. 

Mount Baldy : is the quintessential California mountain. When you think about a mountain in California you’re probably picturing Mount Baldy. The image of Mount Baldy’s snow-capped peak is the image.

Mount Whitney: has several things that make it unique. One of the unique features of this mountain is that it gets bigger every year. Currently Mount Whitney grows an average of two inches per year.

San Gorgonio:is the tallest point in Southern California, although not the tallest peak in all of California. Because of the way the mountain is shaped and the snow pack at the top .

Alabama Hills:may not technically be mountains but these rugged hills are instantly recognizable. They sit at the entrance to Mt. Whitney and the jagged terrain of these hills makes a very distinctiv

White Mountain Peak: is located squarely in some of the oldest rock known to exist. Fossils found in the rock and soil at the base of the mountain are estimated to be as old as 600 million years.

Mount Shasta: is often called the “shining white pyramid” because it is covered in snow all year long. Because the summit is so high the temperature never gets high enough to melt all the snow.

The Santa Monica Mountains: are known for being a fantastic place to day hike and see a huge range of wildlife. This mountain range is not that long but it has more 500 different easy to intermediate

Eagle Peak: may not be one of the tallest mountain peaks in California but it does provide a very unique view from the top. Once you reach the top of the peak you can look down on a seemingly endless

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