Top 10 Mountains in South Carolina

Bryant Mountain: moderate to experienced hikers will enjoy the hiking that Bryant Mountain has to offer. Depending on the time of the year that you are there  you may see lots of wildlife .

Pinnacle Mountain:may be the tallest mountain in SC, but Pinnacle Mountain is the tallest mountain in South Carolina that lies totally within the state of SC. Part of Sassafras Mountain lies.

Paris Mountain: is a fantastic getaway that’s conveniently close to city amenities in Greenville. There is plenty of hiking, biking, camping, hunting, and horseback riding to be found in the park. 

Cedar Creek Mountain: is pretty small for a mountain with an elevation under 2000 feet. However, it’s still a challenging hike because of the hard soil, dense trees, and the punishing heat .

Rocky Bald Mountain: is another mountain that isn’t really a mountain. But it is a raised land mass that is great for hiking and biking. It’s located in the Poe Creek State Forest.

Browns Mountain: isn’t really a mountain, but it is a raised point that the people in the area identify as a landmark.It’s also still a good place to hike even though it may not have the lofty summit

Hogback Mountain: is one of the best places in South Carolina for birders. While everyone can enjoy a relatively easy hike up the forested Hogback Mountain birders will be especially thrilled.

Corbin Mountain:is part of the Saluda Mountains, which are part of the greater Blue Ridge Mountains that traverse South Carolina. This mountain sits near the border of South Carolina and North .

Sassafras Mountain: sits right on the border between North Carolina and South Carolina although the summit is in South Carolina. You can stand at the summit of Sassafras Mountain and put a hand .

Rich Mountain: It sits near Hogsback Mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountain Escarpment area. If you want to see a huge range of wildlife Rich Mountain is another great option.

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