Top 10 national parks in northern california

Kings Canyon National Park:No matter how long you plan to visit, Kings Canyon National Park will keep soothing your soul. This scenic wonder spot is filled with natural beauty .

Desolation Wilderness:Being one of the most popular hiking spots in the Tahoe area, Desolation Wilderness has long been an inspiration for photographers and nature lovers.

Pinnacles National Park:was formed as a result of eruptions from multiple volcanoes, giving rise to a unique landscape. It is one of the best places for hiking. 

 Prairie Creek Redwood State Park:Located in Humboldt County, California, Prairie Creek Redwood State Park is home to open meadows, sandy beaches, and old-growth Coast Redwood trees.

Trione-Annadel State Park: sprawls through areas of north San Francisco and Sonoma County. Contained within this spectacular state park in Northern California is Lake Ilsanjo, where most visitors .

Yosemite National Park:With its magnificent sheer walls and breathtaking landscapes captured by Ansel Adams’ stunning white-and-black photographs.

Lassen Volcanic National Park:A spectacular highlight nestled in four counties in Northern California, Lassen Volcanic National Park is a sight to behold. It’s home to numerous volcanoes.

Death Valley National Park:Ignore the forbidding name, Death Valley National Park is another of California’s most amazing parks. This captivating site will be hard .

Redwood National and State Parks:If you’re a fan of vast prairies, rugged coastlines, oak woodlands, and vast prairies (and who isn’t, really?) head to Redwood National Park. 

Sequoia National Park:Set in Tulare County in Northern California, Sequoia National Park has a complex landscape, with profoundly different appearances depending on the elevation.

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