Top 10 National Parks in Kansas

Fort Larned National Historic Site: is located approximately 5.5 miles west of Larned City and consists of nine restored 19th-century U.S. Army Fort buildings.

Kanopolis National Park: is the first state park in Kansas. It is located in the Smoky Hills region. It has more than 30 miles of trails for hikers, horseback riders, and mountain bikers. 

Oregon National Historic Trail:The 2,170-mile Oregon Trail provided hundreds of thousands of emigrants with the opportunity to travel to the country’s Northwest region. 

Fort Scott National Historic Site:Another gripping historical and natural destination you and your friends will have a good time at is Fort Scott National Historic Site.

Wilson Reservoir: is a reservoir built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and served as flood control. The Reservoir has a shoreline full of picturesque cliffs and rocky outcrops worth seeing .

Clinton National Park:Outdoor enthusiasts will certainly have a great time at the 1,500-acre Clinton State Park. Located on the north shore of Clinton Lake.

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve:At the nearly 11,000-acre Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, you’ll be surrounded by nature more than ever, especially since its wildlife is a true gem.

Brown v. Board of Education :If you’re looking for a destination that will make you feel like you’ve traveled to the past, the Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site is certainly a fit.

Mushroom Rock National Park: is managed by Kanopolis State Park and is located about 5 miles north of it. This small 5-acre park has one of the most unique rock formations globally.

Nicodemus National Historic Site:the only remaining Kansas town established by African Americans after the American Civil War. According to a study in the Journal of Management History.

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